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Hack Your Education

What is it?

In Hack Your Education, students will embark on a journey of self discovery to identify and design a vision and strategy for their coming years of education. Students will discover their own “Hero’s Journey” by developing a unique and exciting strategy for how they will become the thought leader in their field by the time they graduate.

“Hacking Your Education is an approach not being taught in most schools, but it makes all the difference. With a clear vision in mind students are filled with passion and gain clear direction for the trajectory of their future.” Jonathan Fritzler

For whom?

This course is designed for university students in their first and second year of school, and is an optional course offered during the fall semester. It is designed to assist students in utilizing methods and materials to integrate innovative and entrepreneurial practices into the design process of their personal learning plan.

For more information about the book we use this student guide

Walk your Talk 

What is it?

A learning journey of 5 days, 20 students, professional coaches, a provocative and in-depth program, exciting locations, meetings, confrontations.
Walk Your Talk is about personal leadership: about shaping your own life and he will and courage to sail your own race.

For whom:

Students who want to spend a week discovering their learning goals and aspirations for their future prior their study.