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Chris Jan Geugies

I am a trainer and learning facilitator in heart and soul. Building learning environments that inspire, energize and connect people is what I most love to do. I am convinced everyone has an internal drive to learn and to develop. I am at my best in creating the conditions that trigger that drive.

As a trainer and entrepreneur at Dock20 I build learning experiences that change the way people think about education. I my work I constantly try to be innovative. Not because new is always better, but because I believe we can create more powerful learning experiences by rethinking what education is about. Interested? Let’s meet!

I wrote an article about my educational story which you can read here.

Diederik Bosscha

I am an entrepreneur in heart and soul. The enterprises I’ve started have a strong focus on new ways of learning, sustainability and innovation. I have a keen interest in supporting the emergence of a new paradigm for education and bring that into reality by developing new learning methods for education. Together with a network of freelancing education experts we create experimental learning environments for universities, such as the Summer School.

Key questions I work with are: Why and how are systems changing? How does the bigger picture looks like? What new systems are emerging? How can we cope with change? How can you awaken, develop and stimulate your leadership skills? What is your role in all this?