A brief introduction to Dock20

“Learning is in my DNA. Directly after I was born, I started to learn about myself and the world around me. Everything was new and I was eager to discover, develop and grow. Move forward! My hunger to learn was infinite.

Finally I reached the age to go to school. The perfect place to pursue my learning. At least, that was what I thought…”


Do we accept a failing system?

Schools are still structured according to beliefs and principles from previous centuries: hierarchical and bureaucratic. That makes our education isolated from the outside world and defined to the last minute, with no space for uniqueness and improvisation. Beforehand it is determined what, when, how and with whom students learn. Education is often reduced to passive listening and shallow reproduction of knowledge in tests. In this system, many students feel like being a number and lack passion for deep learning. Dropout rates of 50% are no exception. And also teachers drop out. In the Netherlands, their profession faces the highest burnout numbers.
Do we accept this?


Another world presents itself

While our educational system originates in another time, the world around us changes rapidly. The social value of a diploma is decreasing. Jobs are created, while others vanish. We don’t know how the job-market looks like in 10 years time. Formal education doesn’t longer own the monopoly on access to jobs. Youngsters are becoming more entrepreneurial and they take ownership of their own learning.

Now, more than ever, the educational system is challenged to adapt to these changes. Fortunately, more and more schools start reforming from within. Schools that part from pre-defined curricula and foster ownership and autonomy. Schools that replace reproduction of knowledge for participatory learning. Schools that open their doors to the outside world and together with partners formulate answers to essential issues.


Dock20 as a partner

Over the last 10 years, Dock20 has become an expert in this field of transition. We are committed to co-create tomorrow’s education. Education that is firmly rooted in this constant changing world and in humans’ unchanging will to learn.

This commitment takes shape in programs for students, teachers and managers. For students Dock20 develops challenging minors, summer schools and other learning journeys that impacts students’ personal development and professional choices. Dock20 trains and inspires teachers in making their teaching practice more effective, participatory and fun. And Dock20 supports managers and other frontrunners in innovating curricula and building learning communities.

All Dock20 programs have a similar core: they are designed to create temporarily open spaces in the educational system. Here, participants learn and collaborate, not hindered by daily routines and schedules. We create time and space for meaningful conversations and for experimentation with new ways of educating. Fuelled with energy and new knowledge about tools, participants are inspired to initiate meaningful change.



understands education. Our professionals are also teachers.

works appreciative. We focus on what works.

asks the right questions. We don’t have all the answers.

seeks for the highest potential of a group. We embrace desires, wisdom and expertise of all participants.


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